Shipping & Return Information 



  • Please double check the items in your cart, address, and email before checkout
  • If you enter your address or the address you want to send the item to incorrectly I am not responsible for replacing that item :( so please double check! 
  • If you purchase the incorrect item (such as the wrong color or style) I will not be able to replace or correct this issue after the item has been sent, many items are 1 of 1 and may be sold out before we can fix or catch the issue 



  • All orders will ALWAYS be sent with a tracking number 
  • You should receive an AUTOMATIC email or text notification from Shopify sharing your confirmation and tracking number - if you did not receive this you may have entered your email or phone number incorrectly OR it is in spam. You can email or DM me directly and I would be happy to resend the email or provide you the information! 
  • Items will ship within 1-3 days after placing your order (please be aware that government holidays and COVID restrictions may slow down delivery and scanning time) 
    • Ex. If you place your order Friday night and there is a government holiday on Monday I will likely send the item off on Tuesday
  • Once I have provided you with a tracking number and dropped it off at the P.O, I am no longer responsible for the package, it is now in the hands of USPS and it is their job to deliver it to you 
  • If you have questions on your delivery, please remember that I do not deliver packages and I have as much information as you do - please take up your questions directly with USPS 



    • Stuck in PRE-SHIPPMENT: your item has been dropped off, but is waiting for P.O to scan the item to send off to the next distribution center 
    • DELIVERED, but not delivered: please wait 1-2 business days sometimes packages are scanned as delivered prematurely, after that please file a claim via USPS 
    • If your package shows up damaged, please file a claim via USPS - I can help you provide any information needed. 



      • Please do not ask for returns, each item is unique and for sanitary reasons can not be resold, all sales are final